Environmental/Social Accountability

The communities where we work and live are vital to our success. We must be mindful of our environmental impact and ensure we are providing a safe and healthy future for generations to come. We will encourage our employees to be good citizens and have a positive influence in the communities they live. SinoSweet is certified to ISO 14001:2004, a standard that requires us to minimize any negative impact to the environment, comply with applicable laws and to continually improve our systems. SinoSweet’s world-class waste-water treatment system is an example of our commitment to our community and environment.

Knowing that minimizing our impact to the environment and reducing our carbon footprint is critical to our customers, SinoSweet has invested over $15 million USD in its environmental programs since 2011. These investments include:

  1. Installing IC Tower technology which converts 95% of COD in Waste Water to Methane for Power Generation.
  2. AMX Reactor Installed Eliminating 99% of Ammonia Nitrogen release.
  3. Covered All Wastewater Retention Ponds Which Resulted in the Decrease of Gases and Odors.
  4. Built a Fully Enclosed Discharge Station for Liquid Raw Materials
  5. Installed Biological Deodorization and Decomposition Beds to Capture and Absorb Odors from High Risk Areas

SinoSweet has been recognized by the community and local and provincial governments as the “Gold Standard” for other manufacturers to follow in regards to protecting the environment and ensuring a healthy atmosphere for its employees and surrounding neighbors.