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Sinosweet aspartame sweeteners

Founder, Owner and CEO Mr. Gu Hanzhang has been in manufacturing his entire career. From his humble beginning as a craftsman of tea pots in Yixing, China to the globally recognized brand of SinoSweet Aspartame, Mr. Gu owes his success to the integrity and values that he demonstrates every day. When he started SinoSweet in 2002, his goal was to be the number one manufacturer and supplier of Aspartame in the world. In 2015, he accomplished that goal when SinoSweet expanded to the largest Aspartame manufacturer in the world with its 12,000 MT annual capacity facility. Mr. Gu continues to manage the day-to-day operations of SinoSweet and travels around the world promoting his brand, product, customer service, quality and most of all integrity.  Mr. Gu takes great pride in not only being a supplier to some of the world’s largest food companies but also being a partner in promoting the safety and benefits of Aspartame for those who are striving to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

SinoSweet’s manufacturing is supported by a strong R&D team and a strict Quality Control system. Different grades of its products are manufactured in conformity with EP5.0;USP30/NF25;FCCV and GS standards.

SinoSweet’s team has been at the forefront of food ingredient manufacturing for over 40 years. During that time we have continually improved the quality and safety of our systems and processes through in-house initiatives, third-party quality assessments and customer audits.